Heidi Blake

Heidi has written 54 articles for Nouse

In dire need of some excitement

We students are frequently told we ought to be having the time of our lives. Well, frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn

Screw the World-I’m heading West

It’s unfortunate that Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year, so we’re told – is always directly followed…

Why must people be so loathsome?

People don’t realise it, but misanthropy is actually a terrible affliction. Since the world is packed to the rafters full…

Hackwood: I was hate figure for campus right

Grace Fletcher-Hackwood claims she was driven out because she was a “personal hate figure” for the campus right

Reflections on a brutal end to a turbulent career

Heidi Blake speaks to Grace Fletcher-Hackwood on the eve of her departure from the University of York

Why must people be so loathsome?

People don’t realise it, but misanthropy is actually a terrible affliction

Watch out: it’s the Professionals

Do sharp suits and fighting talk make this year’s Union a force to reckon with? Well, maybe

Broadening our horizons: is big always best?

It is, I hope, safe to assume that, if you are reading this column, you will by now have noticed that all is not as it once was in the world of Nouse. That is to say, where once we were tabloid-sized, we have, for our last edition of the year, become broadsheet, and with the change in format we’re bringing you almost double the amount of content

The isolation of disbelief: Florence’s story

Heidi Blake meets Florence Moses, a young lesbian woman from Sierra leone seeking asylum in the UK with her infant son. She faces rape, violence and even death if she returns, but has been denied leave to remain in the UK

Trans policy proposed to UGM

YUSU’s new LGBT officers have drafted a series of changes to the Union constitution to include trans students more generally in the life of the LGBT community at York

Transcending Gender

Heidi Blake speaks to two students about their experiences of dealing with gender transition in a university environment Students who…

Cricket Men’s 2nds

Time: Friday 11.30am Location: 22 acres Points: York 2 York Men’s 2nds secured a close victory at the end of…