Harry Lambert Harry Lambert

Managing Director (2012/13)

Harry has written 22 articles for Nouse

Gun apologists disregard data in gun control debate

Ownership figures are beside the point – Harry Lambert looks at how the data shows gun control measures work

Review: Rush

Could this be the best sports film since Senna (2010)?

Festival of Ideas: Implementation key in welfare debate

Should a single working man fund a family on £26,000 in benefits? Why is the welfare process so useless? How…

Anthony Seldon: Politics, Education, Happiness

Nouse Events hosted commentator, author and headmaster Anthony Seldon on Friday for the first talk of this term

Gambling on a Fifty Pence stake

Harry Lambert talks to actor-director Eric Kolelas about ambition, Aesthetica and the importance of artistic communities

Review: Django Unchained

Although Django Unchained is unquestionably entertaining and possesses all the expected traits we have come to expect from a Tarantino film, he could perhaps gain from returning to the real world. Harry Lambert reviews

The Data Revolution

Elections are changing. With Obama returned to the White House, Harry Lambert speaks to Sasha Issenberg about how he won

Rachel Reeves: Coalition failings and Labour’s alternative

Rachel Reeves, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, spoke last night to over 100 people in the Bowland Auditorium for…

George Galloway: Respect

George Galloway MP came to the university on Friday 7th December for the third and final event held by Nouse…

In conversation with Jeremy Paxman

On Friday, Jeremy Paxman visited the university for the latest event held by Nouse Events, a new speaker programme being…

US Election

US Presidential Election 2012

Obama for President

When Barack Obama became President four years ago he, in an instant, changed everything