Harry Ashcroft

Harry Ashcroft has written 10 articles for Nouse

Osborne relaxes visa controls for Chinese nationals

Harry Ashcroft provides an insight into the new visa controls for Chinese nationals proposed by George Osborne

Lehman Brothers: still too big to fail?

No two words characterise the global financial crisis like ‘Lehman Brothers’ do. Memories of financiers being told of their redundancy…

Will Apple’s iPhone 5c help it conquer the emerging markets?

Harry Ashcroft discusses if the release of the iPhone 5C and 5S spell trouble for the Californian tech giant?

Britain and its Unions, destined for divorce?

Harry Ashcroft comments on the ongoing struggle between the Labour Party and their once close friends, the trade unions

The redemption of RBS?

The autumn of 2008 saw a financial crisis like no other; some of Britain’s largest banks, including RBS and Lloyds,…

What does the future hold for Hollande?

Following a 75% disapproval rating, Harry Ashcroft argues that Hollande must do more with the extensive mandate that he holds

China: no longer a ‘workshop economy’

How will China’s rise to a global economic superpower affect the West?

A Budget done on a budget

Harry Ashcroft argues that the recent Budget fails to address Britain’s pressing economic issues

Tax evasion, an immoral practice?

Harry Ashcroft explores the morality of tax evasion

Lessons from the past

Will history prove austerity economics to be the correct decision or a costly mistake?