Harriet Bingley

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Re-adjustment… before taking your next step

Harriet Bingley explains how working abroad not only delays entering the adult world but also give a boost to your CV

An uneasy lull has descended upon my third and final year at York. Until relatively recently, I was in a healthy state of excitement about the rest of my life; then I foolishly began investigations into my future ‘options’

A career in backpacking

Harriet Bingley tries to persuade us that travelling is more than a pastime. It’s a vocation.

My inadvertent preoccupation of late seems to be terminally boring any unsuspecting and well meaning passing acquaintance. If you on the off hand inquire about my Christmas break I will first trap you in a corner of the library, and then lock you into a self-indulgent monologue on my travels around Peru