Harrie Neal

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New RAG shop raises over £1000 in first week open

A NEW YUSU RAG initiative is selling kitchen equipment left by last year’s freshers to new and current students, with items such as pots, pans, utensils, and others up for sale

Confusion over shortened Goodricke 51 week lets

Students in Goodricke College have been left feeling confused after some students are being offered the opportunity to shorten the 51 week let that they signed up for at the start of the year

Modern relevance is vital to the survival of the monarchy

In 1953, Her Majesty the Queen is said to have been strongly opposed to the BBC broadcasting her coronation, fearing that it would vulgarise the momentous event

Goodricke College JCRC results announced

Members of Goodricke College gathered last night at Yates’s to hear the results of their JCR committee elections 2010/11, in an evening led by reigning Chair and Vice-Chair, Tim Ellis and Alex Reid

Goodricke JCRC hustings

The annual JCRC Hustings for Goodricke College took place this week amongst the lively surroundings of The Courtyard

Extensive website expenditure has underwhelming effect

The University website has failed to impress viewers regardless of its extortionate cost