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Centurions finally triumphant over red rose rivals

The York Centurions triumphed over their Roses rivals the Lancaster Bombers for the first time on Sunday, winning a tight game 3-2

York Centurions just miss out on third win of the season

The York Centurions travelled to Northumbria Mustangs last weekend, buoyed by their successive victories, but came out on the wrong side of a 28-20 scoreline

The murky waters of climate change research

When the rest of you saw the snow begin to fall, you probably began thinking of all things wintery and Christmassy, but for me the early and heavy snowfall brought to mind the considerably less festive 2009 Climategate episode

Nouse Albums Club – November ‘10

Welcome to the inaugural Nouse Albums Club, where each month…well you get the idea yeah

Massive games, masses of money, massive questions…

Occasionally, I will stray from the comforts of science and technology news into the murky waters of ethics, philosophy and politics. This is one of those days

Inconsistent offence kills Centurions’ comeback

York’s American Football side the York Centurions came out on the wrong side of a 12-2 scoreline against Huddersfield Hawks at the weekend, as they begin their second season in the British Universities American Football League

Two humble physicists and their two dimensional wonder material

With the recent awarding of the Nobel Prize for Physics to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov of Manchester University, I feel it justifiable to inform those who don’t know about an experiment in 2004 which could, sooner rather than later, be the cause of a technological ‘nano-revolution’