Hannah Dehaan

Hannah Dehaan has written 6 articles for Nouse

Positively Orgasmic!

Who’d have thought a swanky new bar in York could Hannah Dehaan to the brink of ecstacy?

Holiday Hell

Hannah Dehaan shows the sacrifices we make to stay at university: taking on the terrible holiday jobs only a student would accept

Pride And Prejudice

Pride manifests itself in many forms. Patriotism can be a positive and unifying force. It can also result in violence, prejudice and fear. When this occurs the outcome can be very far away from Austen’s tales of love and marriage. Hannah Dehaan finds that she can locate a frightening mass of British-based, fascist political doctrine, with only a few clicks of a mouse button…

Putting the Fun back into Fundraising

Roly, RAG and Comic Relief: Hannah Dehaan interviews RAG President
Roly Humphreys and finds out exactly how far he
would go for charity …

Mum’s the Word

Ellie Murch wins RAG and reveals why she’s a mumm’s girl at heart

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Nathaniel Thwaites-McGowan