Graham Lilley

Graham has written 12 articles for Nouse

The courts have to judge John Terry before the FA can

Graham Lilley says that the FA were wrong to strip John Terry of the England captaincy before the conclusion of his court case over alleged racist remarks

Rebuilt Khan must stay focused to live up to hype

Graham Lilley looks ahead to Amir Khan’s big fight with Lamont Peterson this weekend

A tribute to Joe Frazier

Graham Lilley remembers Smokin’ Joe Frazier

Scrapping relegation would kill English football

Boxing expert Graham Lilley switches sports, but keeps the gloves on, as he lambasts recent talk of relegation being scrapped in the Premier League

A tribute to Sir Henry Cooper

Graham Lilley remembers Sir Henry Cooper

Haye vs Klitschko is signed and sealed. Now it’s time to deliver

The contracts are signed but will Haye and Klitchsko deliver? Graham Lilley investigates

Boxing is riddled with fighters trading on their famous names

Recently, Felix Sturm, kept up a career-long habit of defending his title against a man who had no real right to call himself a contender. A man with no-one even approaching the world level on his resume, very little talent and even less chance of upsetting the apple cart and walking away with the gold

How much is a footballer worth?

Graham Lilley questions our attitude to footballers and the amount of money paid for their services

DeGale could lead the way in 2011

Boxing expert Graham Lilley returns, this time assessing 2011 for British boxing, in particular focusing on James Degale

The talent of Carl Froch should not be underestimated

Graham Lilley brings another immensely popular piece on boxing to Nouse, discussing the talent of Carl Froch and bemoaning the lack of coverage of his sport on terrestrial television

Haye, Harrison and the woes of the Heavyweights

Graham Lilley examines the world of Heavyweight boxing in the wake of David Haye’s anti-climatic victory over Audley Harrison

Will Amir Khan get a chance to fight Floyd Mayweather?

With many people’s interest in Boxing drawn towards tomorrow’s Heavyweight battle between David Haye and Audley Harrison, Graham Lilley discusses the possibility of Amir Khan coming up against Floyd Mayweather, Jr