Gina Heslington

Gina has written 14 articles for Nouse

Mason’s Bistro Bar

If you need to commemorate the end of exams and feel you deserve a touch more class then a night of debauchery in Ziggy’s and a Yummy Chicken to celebrate, then Mason’s Mediterranean bistro is for you

The Latin Lifestyle

Revisiting one of her favourite travel destinations, Gina Heslington engages with local Mexican people and discovers eco-tourism on the beachfront

Scrambled Ostrich Eggs

Chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny make my blood run cold, but rather than miss out entirely on the celebrations this year I’ve decided to join in the festivities with a twist

Cafe Rouge

I normally try my best to avoid chain restaurants, and Cafe Rouge did little to sway that judgment. I was prepared for disappointment yet the emergence of ‘2 for 1’ vouchers encouraged me to indulge my childhood judgment and go for the most expensive thing on the menu

Proud to be a chav?

The term ‘Chav’ appears to be going nowhere, but Gina Heslington investigates whether its usage is acceptable

Looking for a cheaper way to travel the globe

Gina Heslington tries Couchsurfing in Japan and at home

Alley Cats

Ceramic cats gaze down at you from the fireplace as you sit in this cottage-kitchen style restaurant and muse at the novelty of this side street peculiarity. Buried down one of York’s many alley-ways, location has to be this venue’s most endearing charm, as food is most definitely not its forte

Electric Avenue

Gina Heslington talks philosophy with the legendary Eddy Grant


If you love alternative tastes, or if you’re sick of being limited to feeding from the flesh of chickens, pigs and cows – and frankly feel they deserve a break from the slaughterhouse – then ‘Fudies’ may be your answer

An international perspective

Gina Heslington talks to people the world over about their Freshers’ Week rituals; from being made to eat mud to the classic beer pong

Welcome to Buena Vista Social Club

Swept away by their live performance, Gina Kate Heslington and Edward Fisher talk to the group of musicians keeping the memories of Havana’s golden age alive

Caught in Sri Lanka’s ongoing violence

Sri Lanka has been in civil war for over 20 years. Gina Heslington recalls being trapped in the crossfire of a bomb attack in Trincomalee