Georgie Andrews

Deputy Features Editor (2014/15)

Georgie has written 10 articles for Nouse

The great white rescue

Ocean Ramsey tells Georgie Andrews about freediving, conservation and how predators of the deep can be quite friendly when you get to know them

How far will you go for a first?

Think you’re having a difficult time this exam period? We talk to some students who take revision to the extreme

Q&A with The Gilchrists

Winners of York’s Battle of the Bands 2014 and playing at this year’s Summer Ball, The Gilchrists answer questions from Georgie Andrews and Charlotte Wainwright

The true face of drug abuse

Deputy Bret King, founder of Faces of Meth, talks to Georgie Andrews about the devastating effects of substance abuse

Roll modelling

Dr Danielle Sheypuk tells Georgie Andrews about becoming New York Fashion Week’s first ever model in a wheelchair

Satire goes to the gallery

Artist and comedian Miriam Elia has created a spoof children’s book lampooning contemporary art. Georgie Andrews found out more

Antarctic Adventures

The discovery of a giant sub-glacial trench in Antarctica has made headlines across the globe. Researcher Dr David Rippin talks to Georgie Andrews about the highs and lows of working in the coldest place on Earth

Q&A with Paul Sinha

Paul Sinha, stand-up comedian and star of ITV’s The Chase, answers questions from Georgie Andrews

Mormon women bare all

Photographer Katrina Anderson talks to Georgie Andrews about her new project challenging modesty, Mormonism and the media

Fractured Landscape

New York State is in danger of changing forever. Photographer Nick Brandreth’s new project examines areas that could be most affected by fracking. Georgie Andrews asks about the aim of the project, the consequences of these changes, and why New York should be protected