Georgia Woodroffe

Georgia has written 47 articles for Nouse

Palm oil: a slippery issue

Palm oil is in 50% of supermarket food in the UK, including Ben & Jerry’s, Pot Noodle, Crunchy Nut Clusters and Hovis. Its production is largely unsustainable, and food companies in the EU are under no obligation to list it in their products

Shark Finning: The Thin Edge

Georgia Woodroffe dives into the brutal world of shark finning

My Big Fat Greek Kitchen: April

The April edition of Georgia’s traditional Greek recipes

Cat and Dog Welfare: An interview with Carrot Chen

In the final instalment in a series of interviews with Animals Asia, Georgia Woodroffe highlights the harrowing treatment of cats and dogs in China

My Big Fat Greek Kitchen: March

The third instalment of Georgia Woodroffe’s traditional Greek recipes

Bear Bile Farming: An Interview with Toby Zhang

In the second interview of a series on animal welfare in Asia, Georgia Woodroffe speaks to Toby Zhang about the bear bile trade and the unnecessary cruelty involved in the ancient practice

Eat it and read: Dishes to fuel your literary brain

With good literature comes good food – what did some of our favourite authors like to eat?

Behind the Bars of China’s Captive Performers

Georgia Woodroffe talks to Animal Welfare Director David Neale about the current situation of animals used for entertainment in China

My Big Fat Greek Kitchen: February

Georgia shares some more traditional Greek recipes

Beijing Zoo: Atrocities Reflecting a Global Issue

Chains, starvation and concrete enclosures; it’s all happening at the zoo, no matter how much we don’t want to believe it’s true. Georgia Woodroffe tells of the dark side to animal captivity

“I basically just talk to myself”

Comedian Joe Lycett talks to Georgia Woodroffe about performing everywhere from Birmingham to Bahrain

Traditional Festive Food: Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year with some festive treats