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Chief Sub-Editor (2013/14)

Gary has written 39 articles for Nouse

A year in news

The Nouse editorial team pick their favourite stories of the 2013–2014 year, from Vision’s maggot terror to our own animal antics

The playing field must be levelled before university

A recent study commissioned by the Department of Education found that students from non-selective state schools or “less effective schools”…

York residents subjected to ‘horrific’ noise by University fantasy role players

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Society’s Live Action Roleplaying events have been upsetting locals

Vanbrugh ‘overrun by giant rats’

Students require new accommodation as Eric Milner A block is invaded by “cat-sized” vermin

Obituaries: Black Swan

A look back over the life of the University’s deceased male black swan

As it happened: Live YUSU Election Results

Live coverage from the YUSU election results 2014

As it happened: YUSU candidate interviews and Part-Time Officer hustings

Live from the URY interviews and YUSU hustings

YUSU slammed by society chairs

The YUSU Sabbs respond to claims of poor organisation and ineffective publicity for events

Demonisation of fancy dress

Every child’s favourite pastime suddenly becomes a political issue at university, but for no significant reason. We aren’t going to start hating one another because of how we were dressed while we drank cheap cocktails

Separating personality from politics

To disregard Brand’s politics on the basis of his sexism is to disregard John Lennon’s peace activism on the basis that he beat his wife. Do the latter make the former any less valuable? Not a jot

Students turning to sex work sheds light on financial strife

Students turning to sex work shows that more financial support is urgently required

Our culture of careerism

What is the intrinsic value of careerism exactly? I have no plans to pursue a career in academic philosophy, but I also have no plans to stop reading or writing about it. Is the worth of my interest so diminished by its lack of financial benefits?