Francis Brown

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Mladic finally captured

The feared Bosnian General Ratko Mladic finally found himself in the dock on Thursday following 16 years on the run for his part in some of the worst humanitarian crimes in European history

Tony Blair calls on the enemy

Lord Mandelson confirmed last week that Tony Blair had on two occasions telephoned Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, in a bid to persuade him to end the bloodshed in his country

Belarus President sanctioned

The EU and US have instated tough sanctions on Belarus’ leadership following the controversial re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko last December

South Korea threatens the North following Unprovoked Attack

South Korea has told the North that it shall retaliate if faced with “further provocations” following the shelling of an island near the disputed maritime border on Tuesday

The Chilean miners: two weeks later

Following the rescue of the Chilean miners from their underground incarceration, the interest of the world media has wandered elsewhere

Bloody Sunday report finally released after 12 years of waiting

David Cameron has apologised for the events of Bloody Sunday following the findings of the Saville Inquiry. The Prime Minister spoke in parliament of the ‘shocking conclusions’ of the report, which stated in absolute clarity that the British Army were at fault for the atrocity