Francis Boorman

Francis has written 8 articles for Nouse

Investing in knowledge

Francis Boorman investigates what happened to learning for its own sake, and why education is now divisive as well as elitist

The NUS lives: what does affiliation mean for the future of York?

Well, the votes are in and the students have spoken. The NUS is here to stay


The University of York pays upwards of £36,000 each year for affiliation with the NUS. Just by going to the…

Debate: Should we stay or should we go?

Is NUS affiliation really all it’s cracked up to be? And can it possibly be worth £32,000 a year? Nicky Woolf and Francis Boorman debate what we ought to do…

The ethics of investment

The University must moderate financial decisions with humane judgement.

What links Petrochina and BAE Systems? The University of York has invested in both

No room for the BNP racists

The party’s local election disaster is a credit to student activism

Despite fielding a total of nine candidates for election to York City Council, far-right party the BNP managed to gain only 3582 votes and failed to win a single seat

Rags for riches

Exploitation at the heart of charity

‘Raising and giving’ would seem to be a principle that nobody could possibly malign. And indeed the RAG committee do some fine work collecting money for worthwhile charities. However, the principle of helping others goes beyond charity; helping others to help themselves may have become something of a cliché, but it still remains some truth

Punching above our weight

There are lies, damned lies and teaching statistics: still, University bosses should tread carefully over Heslington East

The age-old dilemma of quality or quantity has presented itself to University of York administrators in recent times. The University is going to get significantly bigger if the planned Heslington East expansion gets the final go-ahead. But can it keep improving at the same time?