Fran Carruthers

Features Editor (2017/18)

Fran has written 9 articles for Nouse

Q&A: Sam Gale

Fran Carruthers speaks to the creator of ‘uni genie’ about mental health, becoming an entrepreneur, and developing the app

Stories worth sharing

Fran Carruthers reflects on the power of children’s literature to shape the world we live in

A maximalist’s guide to minimalism

Fran Carruthers makes a tentative foray into the growing trend of minimalist fashion and lifestyle

Q&A: Matthew Greenwood

A tour guide at Exploring York gives his insight into the city of York

Veganuary: Feeding the trend?

Fran Carruthers talks to students and local businesses about the lasting changes brought by veganism

Q&A: Henri Cole

Henri Cole on the interaction between written and visual art, literary truth, and the value of self-expression

Struggling to Switch Off?

Fran Carruthers explores why sleeping problems affect so many young people today

Living below the Line

Fran Carruthers talks to York students about a challenge to raise awareness for food poverty

Q&A: 5 After Midnight

Jordan from 5 After Midnight on the X Factor, musical influences, and Rihanna…