Flora Bradwell

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The joy of taking a road trip

The ultimate way to travel is not by train or plane but, as Flora Bradwell explains, the humble automobile Road…

Give whiskey a chance: why life is more fun drunk

Students are bombarded with posters and lectures warning against the dangers of excessive drinking, but are all these well meaning campaigns just out to spoil our fun? Flora Bradwell looks at the joys of alcohol and its place in university life

A guide to avoiding campus ‘unbearables’

Awkward encounters with people best left in the past? Flora Bradwell reveals some survival strategies for the problems of living in a small campus

The price to pay for living in a quaint little city and going to a cosy campus university is the loss of anonymity. This is not to say that those who go round claiming ‘campus celebrity’ status are not completely foolish; but it does mean that no matter where the average student intent on minding their own business may go, they are bound to know, or at least recognise, a few people

A drinking revolution?

Everyone is talking about the new licensing laws, but have they really made a difference? Flora Bradwell and Vicky Hallam launch themselves into the seedy underwold of late night drinking

The new late licensing laws seemed to many to be the dawn of a new era. They would transform York and the rest of England into a continental paradise where drinkers would imbibe responsibly throughout the evening and into the morning, basking in the warm glow that only steady drinking can produce, and renouncing all their binge drinking ways

Butterfinger, Hull Road

Picture the scene, you wake up in an unfamiliar house, with drool on your face and the distinct impression that you may not have been the most eloquent individual the night before

Tiger Tiger, Leeds

Only half an hour by train, and quite a bit longer by car, due to the inevibility of getting lost,…

Not like this in my day

Rebel turned top food writer and head chef of the successful Kensington Place restaurant in London; Rowley Leigh tells Flora Bradwell what student cuisine was like in his day

Garden of India

Conveniently situated near the route of the number 4 bus, the Garden of India is a typical Indian restaurant serving…

The Roman Baths, Parliament Street

Having realised that my student loan had finally made its fated way into my account, I decided to indulge in…

The Morning After

Flora Bradwell, Danusia Borucka, Debbie Kinsey and Chris Eldridge went in search of hangovers, and then their cures…