Filip Preoteasa

Science Editor (2014/15)
Deputy Science Editor (2014/15)

Filip has written 10 articles for Nouse

International Space Station turns 15

On Earth, some might hear champagne bottles being popped open, but up there in space, they’re probably squeezing it slowly…

The crammer’s best friend

Science Editor Filip Preoteasa explores the safety of Modafinil, one of the most accessible study drugs

Can we put off the Armageddon?

HUMAN SPACE pioneers have come a long way since last year. Back then we were gently trying to place a…

Apps to end procrastination

Science Editor Filip Preoteasa guides you through the best apps that make procrastination a thing of the past

The air isn’t as clear as you’d think

Blessed though we are to be in York, where the most poignant form of air pollution comes from the nearby…

An interview with Greg Clark

Filip Preoteasa talks to Greg Clarks, the Science, University and Cities Minister for the UK

The coil is the new contraceptive of choice

An IUD or “the coil” is less prone to error than condoms or the pill

Coffee beans and dozy dreams: the Nappuccino

How do you deal with the mid-afternoon lull: caffeinate or power-nap? Scientists have found that it’s actually best to do both

York’s first Science Week

Every day this week one of the University’s science societies will be hosting talks on their respective disciplines to share their excitement for their fields of study, finishing on Saturday with the Physics Colloquium

Humanity has landed a spacecraft on its seventh celestial body

As the clock turned to 17:03 in Darmstadt, an accumulation of near-febrile tension was unleashed, and dreaded anticipation gave way…