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Politics Editor (2015/16)
Business Editor (2014/15)

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York Jewish Society states that NUS “does not guard our welfare” and urges disaffiliation

The society attacked the National Union of Students as undemocratic and failing Jewish students, also citing problems with controversial NUS president Malia Bouattia

YUSU may hold vote on whether to take a stance on EU ref

A referendum may be held in week two of the third term

York Union Review: This House believes that multiculturalism has failed Britain

The Union’s latest debate brought in more distinguished guests, and for such a weighty topic left the audience (and panel) laughing a surprisingly large amount at the absurdities that divide and unify us

York Union Review: Choppy Waters: The Conservative Party Against All Odds

Dan Hodges (Daily Telegraph) and Stephen Bush (New Statesman), two of the best political journalists of the day, talked to the York Union about the future of the Conservative Party. Does it face choppy waters, or can it rest on its laurels now that the election is done?

British jets strike Syria

RAF jets have struck Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria for the second time, following the House of Commons vote approving military action

Just stop worrying and love the bomb

Nukes are here to stay, whether you like it or not

Business Bulletin

After a summer that turned a lot of expected orthodoxies on their heads, the Business Team highlights the biggest developments in our new weekly column

Ramadi falls, Baghdad next?

The city of Ramadi in Iraq fell to Islamic State forces on 17th May after a three day battle for…

To Natalie Bennett with love

In a recent York Student Think Tank poll, 30% of respondents said that they would vote Green; more than for…

General Election Night 2015 Live

The Nouse Politics team follow the events of 2015 General Election live

Debating the debate

The great debate about debates is finally coming to an end, mostly due to media boredom. Which debate? The one…

Diary of UK News

Former Home Secretaries Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind have disgraced themselves by being caught on camera appearing to offer influence…