Felicity Bendicks

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Gert & Henry’s, JubberGate

Gert & Henry’s is a family owned restaurant situated in the heart of York in a charming Tudor building. For great location in the centre of town, you’d expect the usual crap: pizza or pasta overcooked in a microwave served to you by students who obviously can’t be bothered in a distressing chain restaurant

The Priory, Micklegate

For those of you who love dressing up as school girls, grannies or disney characters, falling over and being sick on their shoes before you even reach ziggys on a wednesday night, then the priory might appear to be a pleasing venue. It is easy to forget the absense of toilet roll in the ladies’, the rowdy clentelle and the uninspirational decor. But be warned, soberness makes this all the more apparent, tainting the enjoyment of the night

Harkers, St Helen’s Square

I am aware that York is most famous for having a pub on every street. However, can I really be the only one at a loose end as to where to go on my Saturday nights?