Federico Rueda

Deputy Politics Editor

Federico has written 4 articles for Nouse

A rocky peace in Colombia

Colombian  presidential  candidate  and  chief  peace  negotiator  of  the  government  during  the  peace  process.  Humberto  de  la  Calle,  recently  claimed …

Potential coalition divides German centre-left

Talks between the centre-right CDU/CSU party with the centre-left SPD on the possibility of renewing their coalition to govern Germany,…

Honduras’s questionable election: At the crossroad of regional interests

A potentially rigged election has unearthed a country suffering from statal repression, the legacy of a coup and the interests of its large neighbour

The European Union at a closer inspection

Italy by Allesandra Zannier: The northern Italian regions of Lombardy and Veneto held referenda on 22 October and voted for…