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Music Editor (2009/10)

Estella has written 22 articles for Nouse

Scottish Scatterbrains: An Interview with The Xcerts

Estella Adeyeri and Sebastian Scarbrough talk to rising Scottish three piece, The Xcerts, about finding record label attention, “distorted pop” and chocolate mousse

Scentless Apprentices

A grunge revival? Japanese Voyeurs tell Estella Adeyeri what it’s all about

Nouse Playlist

So you’ve unpacked, had your first of many “down it fresher” moments, and maybe even managed to work out where Halifax is. These tunes should provide the perfect soundtrack to your continuing Freshers’ inauguration

Slam Dunk Festival

First up was Random Hand on the Vans stage; guitars and a trombone literally never sounded so good

Philadelphia Grand Jury

Interview with Simon (lead vocals and guitar) of Philadelphia Grand Jury

Ice Sea Dead People

Interview with Craig (lead vocals and guitar) of Ice Sea Dead People

Future Sounds

First up are the Philadelphia Grand Jury, otherwise known as the Philly Jays. Formed in Australia, they’ve recently set up shop in trendy Shoreditch in London and have set out upon a UK assault, including a well received slot at Live at Leeds earlier this month

International Relations

If traipsing through muddy English fields doesn’t quite appeal to you, why not go abroad for your festival fix?

The Alternative Glee Soundtrack

Here are just a few of the tracks that should have made it into the New Directions repertoire

Electronic indie dancefloor shakers Passion Pit

Three years ago, college student Michael Angelakos recorded a couple of songs on his laptop as a Valentine’s gift for his girlfriend. As this home-made EP casually changed a few hands, the DIY electro-pop tracks soon began to generate some major hype, at first through word of mouth and then the blogosphere

Future Sounds

This edition of Future Sounds features two groups from across the pond, which are more than likely to find themselves slapped with the ‘supergroup’ label

Laura-Mary of Blood Red Shoes

Estella Adeyeri interviews Laura-Mary of Blood Red Shoes about her brand new album