Emily Taylor

Muse Editor
Deputy Film and TV Editor (2016/17)

Emily has written 26 articles for Nouse

Top 5 Sequels Better Than the Original

In the light of Blade Runner 2049’s success, the team look back on some of the all-time great sequels

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Emily Taylor takes a look at how to be a film fan in York

Top 5 TV Shows That Should Be Cancelled

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Avatar: A Gross Mistake

Emily Taylor looks at the growing gap between critical acclaim and box-office success

How to Win An Oscar

Emily Taylor looks at oscar cliches and whether they are a bad thing, or even matter at all

The Oscars: As It Happened

A live posting of the Oscars for all those smart enough not to stay up till 5 in the morning to watch it

Review: John Wick Chapter 2

Petty wish fulfilment at its finest

Review: Denial

Denial is a riveting courtroom drama that unfortunately squanders its opportunity to delve deeper into the issues it presents

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Emily Taylor looks ahead at 2017 towards some of the most anticipated films of this year

Nouse’s Top 10 Films of 2016

The Film + TV team take a look at their top picks for 2016

Review: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a fun superhero romp elevated by fantastic visuals, creative action set pieces, and a great cast, says Emily Taylor

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2016: Day 4

As the festival draws to a close, Emily Taylor brings you some of the highlights of the fourth and final day