Emily Taylor

Muse Editor (2017/18)
Film and TV Editor
Deputy Film and TV Editor (2016/17)

Emily has written 44 articles for Nouse

Muse’s cinematic exam survival guide*

*Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee your survival and take no responsibility for your marks, or lack thereof

ABBAsolutely Obsessed

Emily Taylor claims that she doesn’t have an unhealthy addiction to ABBA, she has it all under control, honest. But now they’re back

It’s not the killers you meet but what you Eat

Emily taylor Takes a morbid look at the Delicous yet Deadly food and Drink that lurk in kitchens around the world

Election campaigning costs

MOST STUDENTS noticed the display of cardboard on campus over the week of campaigning for YUSU, though more has been spent…

London Fashion Week Supplement 2018

Nouse London Fashion Week Supplement 2018

The Oscars 2018: As it happened

The Muse team foolishly decide to stay up late to live tweet the Oscars

The method behind the madness

Andrew Young and Emily Taylor examine the career of a retiring legend of the silver screen

Muse predicts the ninetieth Academy Awards

The Muse team give their verdict on who will win at this year’s awards, and who the Academy has ignored

Is time up now for the #MeToo Movement?

Decrying offenders is not enough: focus on supporting victims, argues Emily Taylor

A note from the Muse Editor…

Muse Editor, Emily Taylor on burning goat effigies

Album Review: Charli XCX – Pop 2

Emily Taylor discusses Charlie XCX’s pop revolution

Oscar Shorts 2018: Watu Wote: All of us

Emily Taylor takes a look at one of the more politically-charged films on the Oscar shortlist