Emily Henderson

Emily has written 12 articles for Nouse

York’s drinking culture needs to change

Making alcohol on campus expensive is not the most effective method for controlling student drinking culture

Saving lives trumps moral complaints

Controversy has sprouted around the invention of a new drug intended to prevent HIV. If taken once a day, the…

The Man of 16,000 Pandas

Paulo Grangeon talks to Emily Henderson and George Norton about using art to save the planet’s pandas

Can public confidence in the police be restored?

In the most recent report published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), Chief Inspector of Constabulary Tom Winsor stated…

Apply Now (Experience necessary)

Right now a primary concern is the crucial day when we have left university and need to look for jobs.…

The beautiful game shouldn’t rely on beer goggles

The decision to reject a proposal for the extension of pub opening hours for the World Cup should be supported

The government can’t take a chance on gambling industry addictions

Labour is planning to force a vote in parliament to give councils the power to ban high stakes roulette machines…

Should life sentences mean life?

Is David Cameron right to call for tougher prison sentencing?

NEETS need more direction

Young people need to be able to help themselves to achieve in life, allowing school pupils to plan their lives on the dole only fails them

Street Art: Is it art?

Following the pardoning of street artist Tom Dewhurst, Emily Henderson urges us to “escape this ‘edgy’ lens of what art is, and see the reality of something that is illegal.”

Nouse’s York Christmas Shopping Guide

Stuck for ideas on what to buy your loved ones for Christmas this year? Emily Henderson reveals some of York’s top spots for gifts for all the family

‘Too scared to speak’

With speech difficulties hitting popular media, an anonymous York student reveals to Emily Henderson what it is like to live life with a stammer