Emily Heggadon Emily Heggadon

Deputy Arts Editor (2010/11)

Emily has written 38 articles for Nouse

Review: Carmen

Despite Candyfloss the donkey’s best efforts, Carmen at the Grand Opera House lacked the fire and passion it deserved. Emily Heggadon reviews

Review: Fusion La Mer: Turn of the Tides

An injection of humour and fun gave a new edge to this year’s Fusion, but the show lacked the flow and slickness of previous years

Review: West Side Story

The ambition of CHMS’s production of West Side Story is commendable, but unfortunately the standard of previous productions have allowed the bar to be set just a little too high. Emily Heggadon reviews

The Review. La Vecchia Scuola

As Italian restaurant addicts, the imposing white façade, pillars, and appearance of happy diners sipping red wine through the windows convinced us that this would be a safe bet

War Horse

Spielberg’s gentle portrayal simultaneously deals with the horror and hope that defined World War One, personified in the love of one boy for his horse

The York Family Robinson Pantomime

Catch this piece of raw Christmas joy before its gone – in a glitter infused puff of smoke and wagon wheels

The Accrington Pals

The Accrington Pals lacks direction at points but is lift by the high quality of acting. A welcome slice of northern drama to start the term. Rating: ***

Broccoli Trees

Emily Heggadon investigates artists creating artwork solely in the medium of food

Castles In The Sky

Emily Heggadon looks at the arts scene in festivals

Red Snow

The discordant and the beautiful set the stage at the Barn this week with James Robert Ball’s debut musical. Emily Heggadon urges you to see this piece of student written theatre of the highest calibre. Rating: ****

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

It cannot be said that after spending an evening in the surprising space that is the drama barn, you are left feeling as if it were merely an illusion. This production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream was funny and chic, and most certainly concretely ingrained in the minds of the audience


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