Emily Collins

Science Editor (2014)

Emily has written 26 articles for Nouse

Gravitational waves detected

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it!” When LIGO’s executive director, David Reitze, announced these words…

To eat or not to eat: Processed meat

If you missed last week’s media uproar following the World Health Organisation’s announcement that processed meat is “carcinogenic to humans”,…

The science behind why I decided to eat less meat

Eating less meat is key to saving the climate, says the UN. Emily Collins explains

Professor Danielle George to make sparks fly in the 2014 Christmas Lectures

This week marks the start of the annual Christmas Lectures hosted by the Royal Institute, but will you be tuning in this Christmas time?

SWANning the Science Gender Gap

A report in nature found that “Science remains institutionally sexist. Despite some progress, women scientists are still paid less, promoted less frequently, win fewer grants and are more likely to leave research than similarly qualified men.”
What is York doing to combat the gender gap?

It’s Time To LEGO Of The Gender Stereotype

They’re plastic, inanimate and no larger than your little finger yet the launch of LEGO’s female scientists is causing quite a stir…

York Scientists ‘Quack’ Down On Immigration

A study carried out by the University of York Department of Biology has offered new insight into the effect and use of protected areas in Britain

Scientifically Tested Revision Tips

Around 70% of what we learn in a day is forgotten within 24 hours. To counter this, here are 3 scientifically proven brain-cramming strategies

Getting High The Natural Way

Why physical exercise could be your golden ticket to a stress-free exam period

Perfect potatoes

The five common mistakes to avoid when making the perfect roast spuds

Putting the glut in garden glut cake

Emily shares her recipe for courgette, ginger and lime cake

‘Make Your Maggot Wiggle’

Can we really justify the mistreatment of animals for the sake of our University education?