Elly Veness

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Bedroom Farce

Bedroom Farce is a light comedy, centred on sexual pairings and combinations of characters as they move through improbable plots and slamming doors, it is perhaps the most common form of farce

The American Pilot

This misunderstanding is a dichotomy of endearing as well as frustratingly tense, made all the more believable by the cast’s superb acting, and ‘The American Pilot’ showcases some of DramaSoc’s finest talents

We have a right to residency too

Being in the first year, we had to cajole our group of housemates together as early as the first term and continue to scavenge for something suitable that doesn’t resemble a pimp shack or a leaking barn with no central heating

York student play selected for NSDF

A University of York student play has been accepted to the prestigious National Student Drama Festival (NSDF) it was announced last week

Battle of the events

Porno V or Club D? Ellie Veness has a look at whether campus events are worth dressing up for

Funding cuts threaten NSDF

The Council has discontinued fourteen years of £52,000 worth annual sponsorship to “refocus” their investment, causing outrage among students

Demanding more contact

Art students: lazy or subject to a raw deal at the hands of the Uni?