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Ikonic moment in York for student nights out

“I feel as if one of the team died. First it was a laugh, then it was tradition and now a legend. I James Alexander, am in mourning! Go forward with the memories, and the laughs. We can get through this.” James Alexander

University braces itself for Students’ Union elections

WEEK NINE is drawing to a close, and elections for the Students’ Union and Athletic Union are causing the usual furore on campus. The opportunity for fresh Union Officers has been met with an unprecedented amount of applicants, particularly for non-sabbatical posts

Ikon and Diva set to be replaced by a new ‘superclub’

YORK’S ONLY super club, Ikon & Diva has closed indefinitely and plans have just been released for a replacement in town. This has sparked fears that a price war between the different managements will lower quality in the nightlife available to students

Spate of thefts at James College spark concerns over security.

THREE SEPARATE instances of breaking and entering within the last fortnight have increased concerns over the state of security for students living in University accommodation. More than £2,000 worth of goods have been stolen from three adjacent blocks in James College

Computing Services set back the clock on repairs

URGENTLY NEEDED computer renovations are being delayed indefinitely as Computing Services fail to supply the required funding.

The troubled department initially promised upgrades of computers in Langwith and the J.B. Morrell Library last summer. However students have had to continue using facilities which a nouse survey has shown to be significantly faulty

The law needs to be reclassified quickly

Elliot Taylor asks why homophobic attacks aren’t treated as hate crimes by York police

Reform within Yorkshire Police’s classification system is needed. The rights of those involved with homophobic attacks are currently overlooked by police policy. Such crimes are treated as ‘diversity crimes’ which provide a distorted view of the victim