Ellie Rice

Comment Editor (2013/14)

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We need to talk about cancer

Intensely emotional documentary Kris: Dying to Live and the media coverage of the last weeks of Stephan Sutton’s life have…

Roll down the partition please: Solange and domestic violence

The Knowles/Carter family fight can open our eyes to female to male domestic violence

Students must take responsibility for housing problems

Students must accept some of the blame for their housing woes

Meet your maker

It has now been a year since a factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing over 1,100 workers. Why haven’t our shopping habits changed to reflect this?

Pom poms and trophies: the York Hornets’ season so far

The York Hornet cheerleaders are midway through their competitive season, and their success so far puts them on track to…

Pressurise the government to change revenge porn law

Legal changes are the only real solution to revenge porn

Witness the fitness, but take it all with a pinch of salt

Fitness inspiration pages present unrealistic images which we could never achieve and they in turn put people off making healthy changes to their lives

Comments on comments

A countdown of the most controversial Comment articles of Nouse in 2013

Support the university strike action

Whilst not every member of staff is perfect, we are extremely lucky to attend a university of a high calibre like York. Both the strike and the manner in which it has been handled it encourage us to support the academic body. Even if you don’t, you can’t possibly object to the extra day off

Welcome from your new comment team

One of the aims for this year is to make this section more interactive, to get more of our readers involved in the debate by having them write us responses

Don’t bar campus drinkers

The proposed alcohol levy will combat anti-social behaviour in town, but just isn’t appropriate for campus

The state of student employment

The trend of students being taken advantage of in their part time work has to stop, the illegal conditions we…