Ellie Davis

Ellie Davis has written 11 articles for Nouse

The World’s Best Diet

Ellie Davis discusses Channel 4’s documentary ‘The World’s Best Diet’

Live Below The Line

Ellie Davis takes on the challenge of eating and drinking on only £1 a day

York iGEM Team Set To Tackle Pollution

Following in the footsteps of gold-winning York iGEM, Ellie Davis introduces us to the project and challenges faced by this year’s Undergraduate team as they prepare to take on international competition in 2014’s iGEM competition

Why Do Scientists Say To Eat 7 A Day?

With the Government now suggesting we increase our fruit and vegetable intake to seven portions a day, Ellie Davis looks into why and how in some cases, these wholesome foods might not always be as good for you as they seem

‘The Importance of Science: an Outsider’s Perspective’

How do we make science accessible to the masses? Ellie Davis reflects on the Royal Society event ‘The Importance of Science: an Outsiders Perspective’, starring Jim Al-Khalili and journalist and best-selling author, Bill Bryson

Fusion food: Easter Simnel Baklava

Try something different this Easter with Ellie’s simnel baklava recipe

Oxytocin Could Provide New Hope for Anorexia Sufferers

Is hormone treatment the next step on the road to treating anorexia?

Cell Research Passes Acid Test

‘Revolutionary’ breakthrough brings personalised tissue transplants one step closer

Please Just Stop the Music

Isn’t it irritating when you can’t get a song out of your head? Particularly when it’s the same section on repeat. But what if it never stopped? Think noisy neighbors you can never escape. This is a fact of life for 1 in 10 thousand people over the age of 65

York takes gold at this year’s iGEM

Over 200 teams entered the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition

The balance of power: Bacteria vs mental health

Bacteria could be playing an active role in mental health. With this in mind, is that Efes really worth it?