Ellen Carpenter

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Facing the demands of beauty

As the size zero debate rages on, Ellen Carpenter speaks to one catwalk model about her experience during London Fashion Week and her perspective on the industry

A different kind of sex education: the pain of looking good

Men often expect women to look good with no thought of how they get there. Heidi Blake and Ellen Carpenter show them.

We were sitting in Goodricke bar one dark and stormy York night when a male acquaintance said something which got us thinking. Out of nowhere he volunteered, “It’s so disgusting: my housemate doesn’t see her boyfriend for two weeks at a time, and she doesn’t shave her legs in between

Ball tickets fail to sell

This year’s YUSU Summer Ball has failed to sell out despite a new format and an increased budget. Of the…

Church calls for toughening of abortion legislation with present laws ‘outdated’

The Catholic Church has this week called for more restrictive abortion laws in the UK. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Conner, who met privately with Secretary of State for Health Patricia Hewitt last Wednesday, claims that the current 24-week time limit on abortions is “outdated” in light of advances in neonatal technology

Counselling service failing to cope with increasing student demand

The University Counselling Service is seriously underfunded and struggling to cope with the volume of students needing help, according to a senior member of staff. A recent small increase in funding has not been enough to keep up with a 30% rise in student requests over the past year

Presidential result called into doubt after 20% of votes declared invalid

The SU Election results could face being invalidated after concerns were raised by students regarding the number of spoilt ballots following the introduction of the new E-voting system. This comes days after Rich Croker was named York University Students’ Union President 2006/07

York Graduate Neil Entwistle denies double murder after extradition to US

York graduate Neil Entwistle has pleaded not guilty to charges of murdering his wife and baby after being extradited to America.

He appeared in a Massachusetts court on Thursday 16th February where he is being held without bail until a second hearing in March

Coca farmer sweeps Bolivian elections

Bolivia joins the leftward shift in Latin American politics. By Ellen Carpenter

Bolivia inaugurated its new president amidst hopes for an end to the turmoil it has suffered under previous leaders. Evo Morales, the indigenous leader of the Movement Towards Socialism party (MAS) was voted in with a decisive majority on the 8th of December 2005

Quake aid crisis strikes Pakistan

In a year when humanitarian disasters seem unending, the earthquake that hit southern Pakistan on Saturday 8th October stands out as an on-going crisis of alarming proportions. With over 73,000 people dead and an estimated 3.3 million left homeless, short-term relief for victims of the earthquake presents an unprecedented challenge for aid provision