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Aesthetica Short Film Festival: Round-up of Day 2

York shines on day 2 of the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. Elle Hoppe brings you the highlights of Saturday

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Festival director, Cherie Federico talks about one of the UK’s most unique film events, using the heritage of the city of York to re-engage with contemporary cinema

Do I even like this?

Seriously, were you actually blown away or were you just quite impressed by how cool it looked?

The Celebration of Satire

As you’d expect Sacha Baron Cohen made the biggest of entrances to this years Cannes Film Festival

Give girls ‘the active gaze’

Film and television are arguably the biggest influence on young people. Girls are likely to validate themselves and judge against their on screen counterparts

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

My parents loved it. But they also love to drink sherry

Will The Artist Silence Competition?

In praise of Sundance

Film editor Elle Hoppe praises the indie film scene at the Sundance Film Festival

The perfect acceptance speech

Crying, modesty and laughter?

Best Picture: 9 Nominees

Best movie soundtracks of 2011/12

What was your favourite soundtrack of 2011?

Sound Mixing

Awards season focuses on the beautiful over the people behind the scenes of the industry