Eliza Hunton

Deputy Arts Editor

Eliza has written 11 articles for Nouse

Review: Present & Correct

Eliza Hunton laughs along with Comedysoc’s latest weird and wonderful sketch show

Minimalism is More

In the wake of York Theatre Royal’s production of The Machine Stops, Eliza Hunton unpicks the virtues of simple sets

Flourishing in Publishing

Eliza Hunton talks to publishing veteran Lorna Petty about the best ways to break into this competitive industry

What are they Laughing at?

Eliza Hunton wonders if kids and the authors that write for them are finding the right things funny

Review: Have I Got News For York?

Nouse quotes, sex jokes and talent: Eliza Hunton reviews Comedysoc’s latest show

Review: Constellations

Eliza Hunton gets caught up in the cosmic collision of DramaSoc’s considered and touching production

Art Fan VS Fan Art

Eliza hunton reckons it’s time we start to recognise the real art at the heart of fan art

Art is History

Eliza Hunton on the newly scrapped Art History A-Level

Review: Lanark

Eliza Hunton reviews this week’s DramaSoc production: an intriguing, if somewhat puzzling dystopian tale

Review: Pleasure

Eliza Hunton finds plenty of tragedy in Opera North’s unique performance, set in a gay nightclub in Liverpool

Review: Equus

Eliza Hunton marvels at DramaSoc’s captivating production of Peter Shaffer’s somewhat unnerving play