Edward Russell Johnson

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Proportionately posh?

A recent article in The Guardian has revived an age-old educational debate; that of elitism in universities

Recycling trickery: The case of the vanishing cash

Last year, the University of York received £1145 from the council for recycling waste. This money (£5 per tonne of waste recycled) is an incentive provided by the council to increase recycling.

Yet, rather than rejoicing at the recycling of a whopping 229 tonnes of waste, we are forced to ask the question: where is this money?

Vive la post-industrial revolution

Students can and should take a lead on environmental issues

According to BBC News, the European Commission has recently put forward plans for a “post-industrial revolution”, in the hope of seeing levels of greenhouse gases fall by 20% over the next 13 years. This certainly sounds commendable, but how will it be done, and how can we as students do our bit?