Edward Grande Edward Grande

Deputy Arts Editor (2010/11)

Edward has written 19 articles for Nouse

Protecting student services in the campus bubble

In times of any sort of economic fragility, it is easy to drag the government into a quagmire of flimsy criticism over seemingly any move

V-C’s pay should not be contrasted with the living wage

The recent criticism regarding the disparity between the Vice-Chancellor’s wage and that of other university employees should not be held as valid reflection of the Vice-Chancellor’s contribution towards University

The Accrington Pals

The Accrington Pals lacks direction at points but is lift by the high quality of acting. A welcome slice of northern drama to start the term. Rating: ***

Stars on Broadway

A spectre is haunting Broadway. Bringing huge status and gargantuan salaries, but sometimes poor performances, it is easy to see the inclusion of film stars and veteran actors in Broadway and West End shows as merely a populist move


Though to coin the production as merely “different” could be seen as ambiguous and degrading, it shows how Road is very much a breath of fresh air, and through its novelty promenade nature, has created a highly successful performance

Turn the page: we should embrace eBooks

Believe me, I love the feel of a good book as much as the next man. As for the moving shelf paraphernalia in the JB Morrell north rooms, it’s difficult to guage my excitement

Peep Show

This term at the Drama Barn opens with Peep Show by Isabel Wright, a hugely expressive and poignant production both in performance and direction

Ramadan Amadeus

Tom Vickers’ Ramadan Amadeus is an ambitious attempt to stylise the canonical Faust narrative in a novel way, but ultimately ends up chasing its own tale in the lengthy production. It is not without its merits – in the form of moments of inspired acting, and an enthused use of the drama barn itself – but it fell short of making a positive lasting impact

A fresh reflection on Pinter

Edward Grande talks to Paul Osborne on capturing an essence of the great twentieth century playwright Harold Pinter in contemporary writing

The Scotts exhibition

The Scotts Exhibition currently installed in the Norman Rea gallery is a vibrant and powerful display. Unlike the previous installations, Michael and Eileen Scott’s works leaves the walls awash with striking and effervescent colouring

The Manifesto Market

With the publication of a new collection of influential artists’ thoughts, the legacy of art manifestos are back in focus. Edward Grande investigates


“Line” is provocative and entertaining. These terms have become clichéd and all too frequently used in any theatre reviewing, and by bounding them around they lose all meaning and worth, but they are the essence of this hugely successful production