Ed Smith

Ed Smith has written 23 articles for Nouse

LGBTQ+ rights: one step forward, two steps back?

President Trump is leading the fight for global resistance to LGBTQ+ rights

“We can shape the education we want”: NUS President Shakira Martin

NUS Presidnent Shakira Martin shares her vision for student activism, and a new drive to win over the critics

The disconnect between older and younger generations has led to a broken Britain

Ed Smith argues that, the older generation’s oblivious attitude to students and the younger generation is contributing to a divided society

Riots flare again in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA HAS been a hotspot for violence, hatred and discrimination from the earliest days of colonialism. Under British rule…

How effective can political protests really be?

Ed Smith argues that if they want to be effective, anti-Trump protestors will have to learn from the mistakes of the Black Lives Matter movement

At home and abroad, the West is failing refugees

Ed Smith argues that domestic politics have distracted us from the tragedies of the refugee crisis

Benn’s Labour’s Lost: Brexit, Syria and socialism

ON FRIDAY 2 December, the University of York PolSoc were delighted to welcome Hilary Benn MP, to converse with Dr…

The many faces of Donald

DONALD TRUMP’S staggering election victory on 8 November shocked the world. Commentators from evey country have questioned whether the President-Elect…

Always look on the Right side of life?

Originally deemed to be a fundamental outsider, Francois Fillon’s dramatic success in the French Republican primary elections with 44% on…

Columbia’s FARC peace deal collapses after referendum

THE COLOMBIAN public’s rejection of the peace treaty that was signed between government forces and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of…

The destruction behind palm oil

The palm oil trade leaves the world’s forests ablaze