Edward Rollett

Deputy Business Editor (2013/14)

Ed has written 9 articles for Nouse

The Evil of Unemployment

Edward Rollett discusses the latest set of unemployment figures and how they might be of concern

EU Debate

Edward Rollett and Will Aske indulge in a discussion about the future of Britain’s relationship with the European Union

Britain’s trillion-pound debt

Edward Rollett investigates Britain’s trillion-pound debt, and its threat to derail growth

Co-op faces uncertain future

The banking scandal at the co-perative group is casting doubt on its future. Ed Rollett investigates

The real cost of housing

Will a YUSU Housing Agency work, and do we even need one? Deputy Editor Ed Rollett investigates the state of housing in York

The Outlook for 2014

Edward Rollett examines what lies in store for the economy in 2014

Is Snapchat the next one-hit wonder?

Edward Rollett asks whether Snapchat can emulate the success of other social media or will be just another one-hit wonder

Forex: The next big scandal?

A new scandal threatens to rock the banking industry. Edward Rollet investigates

US Shutdown comes at huge cost

Edward Rollett discusses the fallout from the US Government Shutdown