Duncan Pelham

Film Editor (2009/10)

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Robin Hood

The tale of Robin Hood. To some, a heroic symbol of medieval egalitarianism, socialism incarnate, wielding a bow and arrow; to others, simply a ripping yarn of fantasy and high adventure, necessarily associated with sacks of gold, impossibly villainous baddies and swooning damsels in distress

Duncan Pelham

The Hurt Locker’s Oscar win shows there’s hope for Iraq war films yet


The timely release of Invictus coincides with the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s walk to freedom after 27 years in prison


Michael Mann’s Collateral is often overshadowed by his other two towering achievements, Heat and The Last Of The Mohicans, but Collateral shows similar sophistications

Duncan Pelham

In the last ten years computer generated imagery has taken over Hollywood

A Prophet

A Prophet is one of those films the Press likes to laude with confusing hyperbolic descriptions: ‘The-Godfather-meets-Shawshank Redemption-via-La-Haine’

A Serious Man

Critics and film students alike love to agonise over the Coen brothers’ idiosyncratic films

Duncan Pelham

Are children’s animated films becoming too adult-centric?

Fantastic Mr Fox

Director Wes Anderson is not the most obvious choice for an animated adaption of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book Fantastic Mr Fox. His films are famous peculiar peppered with dry wit

Duncan Pelham

Does Danny Boyle have a tendency to glamourise squalor and degradation?

Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning is out to prove that making an indie film isn’t all that hard

Duncan Pelham

Without a little forward thinking, studio complaints of piracy will fall on deaf ears