Dom Smithies

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CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should the electorate tactically vote to prevent a party from a majority victory?

Yes– James Humpish People pick their second preferred option all the time to avoid a worse-off situation. They do it…

NUS: York should end its pursuit of electoral reform

Sabb and NUS delegate Dom Smithies states that One Student, One Vote is the wrong solution

Sexual harassment needs reporting at university

We at York are not doing to enough to combat harassment and hate crime

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Should Obama have apologised for the atomic bomb while visiting Hiroshima?

Elliot Banks and Dom Smithies discuss whether President Obama made the right move in apologising for the Hiroshima nuclear bombing, an attack that was launched before he was even born

Children Need to Understand ‘Gay’ Words

Removing homosexual results from a search engine is unpleasant and unnecessary, hurting the very same kids it seeks to ‘protect’

Clash of Comments: Should we wear white poppies instead of red?

Dom Smithies and Amy Gibbons discuss alternate ways to commemorate the fallen on Remembrance Day