Declan Dillane

Declan has written 8 articles for Nouse

Review: The Office Trip

Declan Dillane reviews Drama Soc’s unconventional The Office Trip

Vandalise this space

Declan Dillane ponders the evolution of graffiti – from vandalism to institutionalised art

Robin Williams: “Thank you boys, thank you”

Declan Dillane remembers the man who brought us joy, laughter and inspiration

Review: Weathering Lows

The student-written play, “a bizarre parody of the Bronte novel”, leaves a lot to be desired. Declan Dillane reviews

Sick art or just plain sick?

Millie Brown has become notorious for vomiting on Lady Gaga in the name of art. Declan Dillane explores some of the important questions surrounding this work

Review: Oleanna

“a fantastic example of how dedication, understanding and attention can create a student production worthy of professional acclaim” Declan Dillane reviews

Dubliners: 100 years

Declan Dillane reflects on the significance of James Joyce’s Dubliners 100 years after its publication

Review: Essex Girls

Declan Dillane says Essex Girls is definitely worth the watch. Innit