David Scullion

Social Media Director (2013/14)

David has written 7 articles for Nouse

General Election Night 2015 Live

The Nouse Politics team follow the events of 2015 General Election live

Nick Clegg cosying up to Labour? – That takes Balls

Nick Clegg and Ed Ball’s Twitter romance will come to nothing. In a hung parliament Clegg will always pick his Tory partner

College elections 2013

Full coverage of this year’s student association and JCRC election hustings

Police lied about mining massacre

South African police lied about miners’ strike shootings, an inquiry has revealed

Bongo Wrongo

The media may have been caught up in Bloom’s absurd phrase, but we shouldn’t overlook that the debate on aid is still raging

Richard III: Petition or tradition?

Although having great connections with the city, this wouldn’t have been enough to qualify for burial as his death occurred within a 500-year stretching tradition of burying monarchs at Westminster Abbey

Review: URY O’Sullivan and Mawn

A few teething problems aside, O’Sullivan and Mawn’s new radio show is genuinely brilliant