Daniel Cooper Daniel Cooper

Deputy Politics Editor (2013/14)

Dan has written 8 articles for Nouse

Should we increase investment in renewable energy?

The Politics editors debate whether the UK should increase its investment in green technology in light of the recent floods

Is Scarlett Johansson a real hero?

Politics editors Yvonni-Stefania Efstathiou and Daniel Cooper debate Scarlett Johansson’s resignation from Oxfam following criticism over her decision to star in an advert for a company operating in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank

Belgium’s legalisation of child euthanasia is an inherently immoral policy

Every human life is a precious gift which should be treasured and not cast aside because it is viewed to be flawed or imperfect

The West’s rapprochement with Iran may be a mistake

Dan Cooper discusses the future of Iran’s nuclear programme and the changing relationship between Iran and the West

Big victory for a big man: Chris Christie’s landslide re-election

Dan Cooper explores what the victory of the Republican Governor in traditionally Democrat-voting New Jersey means for the future of the GOP

English students among the least skilled in the industrialised world

A recent study by the OECD showed that 16-24 year olds in England are among the least skilled in terms of literacy and numeracy in the industrialised world

Peace has little to do with EU integration

European integration has absolutely nothing to do with peace in Europe since World War II explains Daniel Cooper

No-platforming the EDL is anti-freedom of speech

The decision of the Oxford Union to ban the leader of the EDL from speaking goes contrary to our cherished national principle of freedom of speech