Dan Searle

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Things to do when you finish your degree

Wooooo! We’ve all finished!!! Unless you do a proper degree, like one involving numbers, or if you’re not a third year, or if you’re not even a student, or if you’ve failed all your exams and have to do them again

The confessions of a student spin doctor

Forget the straight-laced general election. Dan Searle, chief campus spin doctor for
gracious loser Henry Sauntson gives us the real scoop on the dirty world of Students’ Union politics. Who cares about winning, coming third has never been so much fun

The Naked Apes, Extreme

Dan: This is genuinely dreadful. Rob: Like a Bon Jovi covers band… Dan: According to the press release, they’ve supported…

Single Honours

Lately, the single reviews have been increasingly infantile and less informative. But nobody’s complained thus far, so the whole fiasco continues….

Razorlight, Golden Touch

Dan: ‘The girl with the golden touch’… it’s good to see more bands singing about handjobs. Dan: It’s also a…

The Naked Apes, If You See Kay

Dan: Looks like it’s a double A-side then. Rob: This one is genius! Dan: It is a bit stunning, isn’t…