Dan Hall

Deputy News Editor (2016/17)

Dan has written 15 articles for Nouse

The Onus On Us

Dan Hall talks politics, Partridge and Putin with Thick of It creator Armando Iannucci ahead of his new film, The Death of Stalin

Printing the Floating World

Dan Hall talks to Percy Barkes about the finer points of Japanese prints and the resurgence of Watanabe Setei

A Procrastinator Sings

Dan Hall was supposed to write an article on procrastination – but procrastinated doing it

Library fines rake in thirty thousand pounds a year

The University library makes thousands of pounds through fining students every year, a Nouse investigation has found. Figures from a…

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Does social media dictate how and why people travel?

YES – Dan Hall ALL THE WORLD’S a news feed. At least, that’s how it seems to so many wide-eyed…

What Good Does It Do?

Dan Hall talks to Peter Hitchens about the truth, politics, and being ignored

Mixed bag for YUSU in freshers’ survey

YUSU has published the findings of its recent survey into freshers’ first impressions of the University of York. The results showed…

University funded by nuclear weapons companies

The York Plasma Institute has been receiving funds from AWE since its inception in 2012

York is safest city for students, new regional statistics reveal

York is the safest student town or city in England and Wales, according to research published by ‘The Complete University Guide’.…

Your degree classification: 2:1 or not 2:1?

The degree classification system is based on arbitrary metrics, that fail to differentiate between the work ethic of students

Study shows York as UK Open Access frontrunner

York’s Ethical Publishing Record Revealed A Nouse investigation into the University’s recent publishing record has revealed that 13.1% of our…

Update on mental health spending published

YUSU have published new details of improvements to mental health provision for students. The measures have been introduced to address…