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Collette Kerrigan

The week’s guest says it’s time to chill From summer job to student slob, the task of slipping back into…

Budget fashion: Oxfam takes on online shopping I

Collette Kerrigan ditches York’s high street fashion stores and heads online to satisfy her strict clothing budget. But just how far will a tenner stretch on eBay?

Househunting horror stories

Collette Kerrigan on the good, the bad and the Sinclair Properties of York’s student housing market

The first year bubble is already on the brink of bursting. It took very little back in October to accustom ourselves to the cosy campus, with Costcutter, laundry rooms and cash machines within easy walking distance of our bedroom doors

‘I’m glad I’m not in…’

Lepers in Halifax? Posh boys in James? Losers in Langwith? Fresher and ‘Alcuinite’ Collette Kerrigan asks whether there’s truth in college stereotypes on campus