Coco Clements

Coco has written 6 articles for Nouse

Suicide Squad Review: Take Two

Coco Clements is disappointed in the handling of Harley Quinn and the unsatisfying Suicide Squad

2016 in Film: Half-Way Point

Lauren McNeilage, Chloe Kent, Charlie Thacker, Mark Curran, Coco Clements, Angel Lloyd and Louis Chilton choose some of the finest aspects of 2016 film so far

Nouse Devours the Oscars Finale: Picture

Our Oscar coverage closes making the argument for why The Big Short could emerge victorious, and our Oscar writers give us their personal Best Picture ballots

Nouse Devours the Oscars Day 4: Production Design

Coco Clements dissects the production design Oscar nominees ranging from art form to intricate historical drama, to post-apocalyptic then outer-worldy wastelands and the wild snowy Sublime

The 2015 Aesthetica Experience (Part Two)

Coco Clements is enraptured with all ASFF has to offer in the second part of her Aesthetica Short Film Festival reflection

The 2015 Aesthetica Experience (Part One)

Coco Clements gives a personal account of the whirlwind experience of the 2015 Aesthetica Film Festival