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Darfur: a crisis set to continue

For four years, the government of Sudan and rebel groups have been engaged in a bloody conflict affecting 4.5 million people in the Darfur region of Sudan.

According to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), some 400,000 people have died in Darfur since 2003

York Council Elections 2007: The Results in detail

The Results in detail
Winning candidates in bold

Aspden, Keith (Lib Dem) 503 votes
Craghill, Denise (Green) 212 votes
Smith, Alan (Labour) 266 votes
Suddons, Samantha (Conservative) 153 votes

York Council Elections 2007

Claire Yeo analyses the implications of Thursday’s York City Council election results

Last week’s City Council election saw the return of a Liberal Democrat-dominated Council once more. This time, however, their monopoly over other parties in the Council has been dramatically reduced from a majority of 29 to a mere 19, only beating Labour’s share of positions by one councillor

Hunger strike forces the early release of convicted Eta murderer from jail term

The premature release of convicted Eta terrorist Iñaki de Juana Chaos last weekend has sparked a new debate over the future of the peace process in the Basque region

Social engineering of universities

It has recently been announced that university applicants are to be asked to indicate whether their parents or guardians have had a university education on the University and colleges’ admissions (Ucas) form. Applicants are soon to be asked to indicate not just the occupation of the parent who brings home the greatest income, but also whether their parents themselves went through higher education

Government proposes to redefine sexual assualt to secure higher conviction rates

Trials such as the one that recently took place in York Crown Court have become the subject of a well-heated debate that has sparked an outraged and emotional reaction from various groups and individuals

Beirut struggling to rebuild after ‘July War’

Two months after the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah guerrillas in Southern Lebanon came to an end, the situation on the ground is far from stable

Should we apologise for our past role in slavery?

Next year marks the bicentenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act. For countries like Britain who played a huge role in the trade, the anniversary is an opportunity to commemorate the beginning of the end of the transatlantic slave trade, and a reminder that this part of our history in Britain still needs to be addressed

Israeli universities face boycott

Claire Yeo looks at the proposed boycott of Israeli insitutions by university teaching unions

It has been relatively under-reported that many of our university lecturers have been actively engaging in an academic boycott targeted against the state of Israel

Devolution failing to resolve sectarianism

Last week, Northern Ireland’s devolved assembly reopened for the first time since October 2002. Members resumed debate after finally being asked to reconvene by Peter Hain, Northern Ireland Secretary.

For the first six months, the assembly will have no legislative powers, and will be continued to be ruled from Westminster. The absence of the 108 members from the chamber has cost the taxpayer nearly £100m in members’ salaries