Ciarán Morrissey

Comment Editor (2015/16)
Deputy Comment Editor (2014/15)
Deputy News Editor (2014/15)

Ciaran has written 38 articles for Nouse

There is no need for people to mock other accents

I don’t know what it is about putting a bunch of unconnected people in close proximity with one another for…

General Election Night 2015 Live

The Nouse Politics team follow the events of 2015 General Election live

Fourteen complaints received about campus accommodation

The most common complaint was about a lack of heating or hot water

Clash of Comments – Should the University let “safe-spaces” spread?

YES – Abbie Hettle The movement among universities worldwide in implementing a ‘safe spaces’ policy, to safeguard accessible and respectful…

NUS’ ‘Liar Liar’ campaign comes under fire for being politically biased

The campaign has been criticised for being politically biased in favour of the Labour Party and not being a good use of the NUS’ money

Survey suggests Green Party will have the most support from York students

Research conducted by York Student Think Tank has suggested that the Green Party is the most popular political party among…

Boycotting illegal Israeli settlements – will it change anything?

Next term, there is to be a vote among students at York on whether or not the University should boycott…

Clash of Comments: Should sex-selective abortions be made illegal?

YES – Amy Gibbons Back in November of last year, Fiona Bruce MP tabled a bill to oppose a woman’s…

YUSU Elections 2015: The Full Results

Ben Leatham was elected YUSU President 2015/2016 after four rounds of voting

Students launch campaign to challenge lack of diversity in university curriculum

The students want more diversity introduced into ‘western-led’ curriculums

The dos and don’ts of campaigning

A new election season is upon us and a fresh crop of YUSU hopefuls have begun their foray into the…

Sympathy for the devil: we must not mourn King Abdullah

In response to the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the British Government ordered that flags be flown at…