Ciarán Morrissey

Comment Editor (2015/16)
Deputy Comment Editor (2014/15)
Deputy News Editor (2014/15)

Ciaran has written 38 articles for Nouse

Legal highs and bureaucratic lows

The Psychoactive Substances Bill has been shelved for the moment, but it still looms over us, with Home Office sources suggesting that there are still plans for it to come into force later this year

Dishonesty, justice and fags

Like most people who value looking cool and hastening their departure from this flawed, cruel world, I’m a smoker

Liberal Democrat Spring Conference York 2016

Ciarán Morrissey visits the Liberal Democrat conference, finding a more lacklustre affair than the last despite some interesting votes, and a party that seems to have accepted the reality of the 2015 defeat

The Cult of Anti-Humanism

After finally receiving what must be the most-anticipated Oscar in the Academy’s history, Leonardo DiCaprio took this opportunity to lecture…

CLASH OF COMMENTS – Were the Refugees Right to Tear Down the Macedonian Border Fences?

Elliott Banks and Ciarán Morrissey discuss the tearing down of border fences by Syrian refugees

Debunking Student Debt

Why do we lie to the most disadvantaged in society about tuition fees?

May’s reforms must be stopped

From April, non-EU graduates in the UK will have to prove that they’re earning £35,000 or more per year in order to stay in the country

New Year, same virtue-signalling

Everyone’s main goal in life should be to better themselves. There’s no better time to do that than now. University…

We Need To Talk About Milo

The University’s decision to cancel its commemorations of International Men’s Day has been met with mixed reactions, and an onslaught…

Social Justice is not an Idle Inevitability

When asked why the new cabinet of Canada had an even split of men and women, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…

Misguided abuse at Conservative conference lacked purpose

Last week, the Conservative party held their annual conference in Manchester. As is usual when a governing party holds their…

A word on World Mental Health Day

Last Saturday was World Mental Health Day. The University has always had a tradition of it being a fairly high…