Christopher Fraser Christopher Fraser

Deputy Film Editor (2010/11)

Christopher has written 43 articles for Nouse

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one of those films that gets everything right apart from acting and plot. It’s a terrible movie, shrouded in great cinematography, spellbinding visual effects and a gloriously dramatic score

X-Men: First Class

Abandon all your preconceptions about comic book films at the door – you won’t be needing them

Movie piracy: on stranger tides

The movie industry isn’t expendable, argues Christopher Fraser, but neither are those targeted for illegal movie downloads

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

I’ve been struggling to come up with a way to encapsulate this film in one sentence, and the best I can come up with is this: when the world finally ends, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie will at least make our horrific fate seem deserved

An International Torchwood

Its been two years since Torchwood grace our screens and, more than ever, the BBC seem to like trying new things when it comes to their sci-fi property


Is Russell Brand an actor? It’s that question that lies at the centre of this film

Your Highness

This is a stupid, stupid film with next to no depth that redefines the word “gratuitous” for a new generation. It’s brilliant


Take Goodfellas, add The Big Lebowski, throw in Rain Man, ladle on a generous helping of Chasing Amy and top it off with a steaming pile of bullshit and you’ve got Gigli

The slow death of American imports

If you’ve been to the cinema, switched on a television or – dare I say it – browsed any of the ad-supported YouTube channels lately, you probably won’t have failed to see Dustin Hoffman looking all smooth and talking about “how some stories are so good we wish they’d never end”, and a load of other sentimental claptrap designed to sell you a satellite package


A Nickelodeon-financed animated movie that’s not really for kids

The Adjustment Bureau

Poor Philip K. Dick. In addition to the whole being dead thing, he has to deal with directors who cannibalise his various short stories and novellas to make something more palatable for Hollywood

I Am Number Four

Look, I’m sorry, but this has to stop. It’s just not allowed. You can’t have a sexy trio of Hollywood actors claim to be aliens from another planet without explaining why they look like a sexy trio of Hollywood actors