Chris Spillane

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Anything but Idle

In the depths of London’s west end, Chris Spillane has a drink with Scottish Indie rockers, Idlewild, to discuss the band’s flirtations with the charts, student lifestyle, and the Big Apple

The recent crop of chart hits and pop success can be catogerized into one of three musical infections (barring the crazy frog whose creator should be extradited for hate crimes against humanity). The first of these is a seasonal problem known as Rip-offs Maximus: Whereby victims strap on their Fender Telecasters and play angular riffs until another trend sets in

York tops duck leagues

THE UNIVERSITY of York has fought off competition from Oxbridge and other ‘redbrick’ institutions to come top of the table once again with something a little closer to the student’s heart

Those bad things in the charts

Chris Spillane meets the blues/pop/rock/soul/metal/anything nine piece from South London who insist they’re not the next Scissor Sisters and explain why U2’s The Edge is a whore

Kaiser Chiefs, ‘Employment’

The Kaiser Chiefs should be in the running for the most comedy band name accompanied by worst album title of the year. Yet this doesn’t mean it’s a bad album, in fact it can be entertaining. The Leeds based quintet formed in 2003 have been hotly tipped to succeed with their debut album Employment and with rebellion baiting singles such as I predict a riot who could blame them. If you haven’t heard the Kaiser Chiefs you probably will on the O.C in no time. They are that type of band

Ben Jarvis, ‘The Miracle Mile’

Today I learnt an important lesson. When given a copy of The Miracle Mile I was stuck by the grainy photo of Ben Jarvis and left feeling quite sorry for the student. With his awkward pose in front of drab student accommodation background things weren’t looking too hopeful. Yet, you should never judge a book by its cover. As I cautiously listen to the York University student’s self produced album, I realise five minutes have gone by and I haven’t blinked. Not once

Battle of the Bands: The Morning Thieves steal the show

Music journalism is a lot like the plot of a James Bond movie – it involves the arts of disguise and persuasion to get past DoorSafe and infiltrate Goodricke dining hall to get nouse exclusives from the Battle of the Bands finalists. We were greeted by an empty room where the air was heavy with dry ice and the master of ceremonies for the evening, Mr James Alexander, with his ubiquitous sidekick and compere Ozzy Atton, enjoyed a breather before the hulabuloo ensued

Murder at the cockpit

As the Spinal Tap-esque tour manager leads us up a grotty staircase, suspicious shrieking noises can be heard from the dressing room. Caution is aroused: The Kills are renowned to be a notoriously reclusive band (until recently refusing all interviews) and are determined to maintain their aloof underground persona